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BBC – Britain in Bloom: Season 1 (2018) 03of15 Shrewsbury

BBC Britain in Bloom 03of15 Shrewsbury 1080i

Britain In Bloom focuses on fifteen different communities as they prepare to enter the RHS’s prestigious annual floral competition this summer. Presented by Chris Bavin, each episode tells the story of one community’s first preparations for Bloom right through to Judging Day itself.
In episode one, Chris Bavin travels to Usk in Monmouthshire which is known as the Welsh Town of Flowers. The community there has been competing in Britain In Bloom for 36 years and regularly win Gold. But every year they have to come up with fresh ideas to retain their crown. This time the community is planning three key projects: first, they plan to fill the entire Town Square with a colourful new planting scheme. Secondly, the Gardening Gang at the local Primary School will be hoping to impress the judges with their vegetable garden. Lastly, the Bloomers plan to convert a drab concrete corner into a new bee-friendly garden, but it’s a massive project and the whole community will need to lend a hand.

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