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BBC – Billy and Us (2020)

BBC Billy and Us

Billy Connolly looks back at his life and comedy career.

Chapter 1: Stupid but Saveable
Looking back at his experience growing up in postwar Scotland, Billy reflects on his tough school days and how the scrapes he got into and characters he encountered became such a great source of comedy material. He also reflects on the freedom children of his generation had to roam wild and examines some of his classic routines about childhood.

Chapter 2: Shipyards and Leotards
Billy opens up on what it meant to be a working man in postwar Scotland. Looking back over the years he spent as a welder in the Glasgow shipyards, Billy talks frankly about how his experiences shaped him both as a man and as a comedian. He takes us back to a time when the Clyde was populated with extremely funny people working in very testing conditions, shedding light on this tough environment and how his routines and costumes broke boundaries.

Chapter 3: Dirty Bits
Billy opens up on his groundbreaking stand-up routines on sex, and how the awkward embarassments of love and romance are such great material for comedy. Featuring material from routines and rarely seen chat show clips from, we discover how Billy dealt with his own embarrassment by shining a light on it and inadvertently challenged the sexual mores of the time.

Chapter 4: He’s at it Again, God
Looking back at his experience growing up in Scotland, Billy reflects on themes of faith, sectarianism and the power of the church. Billy also examines some of his classic routines, such as his legendary crucifixion sketch, which established him as a rebellious, groundbreaking comedian.

Chapter 5: I Know You
Billy reflects on how class, politics and identity are a great source of comedy material. He hilariously deconstructs the rampant tartanry of Harry Lauder, the untrustworthiness of politicians and the ridiculousness of social climbers. He also sheds light on his own place in the world with characteristic honesty and humour. Featuring some of Billy’s best-loved routines, such as ‘I know you – I know your face’, the classic tale of a Christmas dinner that gets spectacularly weird.

Chapter 6: The Dark Side
Billy opens up about his life-long love affair with sending up the dark side of life. Featuring groundbreaking routines about death, illness and even incontinence, he reveals why, for him, laughter is an important way of dealing with the grimmest moments of life.

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