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BBC – Beach Live: Jurassic Coast Revealed (2018) Episode 2

BBC Beach Live Jurassic Coast Revealed 2of3

Dan Snow, Lucy Cooke and Niall Strawson uncover historical, geological and wildlife treasures live from the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. From crabs and bats to owls and cormorants, this episode investigates how much wildlife is living on the beach. The strandline’s hidden world of sandhoppers and seaweed is magnified, while specialist underwater cameras give a view of sharks and crabs lying deep in the ocean. Dan Snow examines the royal origin of beach huts and sees how varied their use is in modern-day Britain. Lucy Cooke demonstrates how a humble mollusc helps to train racehorses in Devon. Niall Strawson is in charge of the Discovery Centre, where a panel of experts examine and assess the significance of beach finds from all over the country. And the creation of the unique geological make-up of the Jurassic Coast is seen through the medium of cake! Earth scientist Dr Anjana Khatwa talks Niall through the layers as seen from the sea.

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