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BBC – Art of Spain (2008) 2of3 The Dark Heart

BBC Art of Spain 2of3 The Dark Heart

Andrew Graham-Dixon travels from southern to northern Spain to tell the story of some of Europe’s most exciting and vital art.

Part 1: Moorish South
For 700 years, most of Spain was an Islamic state, and the south was its beating heart. Under the Moors, Spain became the most advanced, wealthy and populous country in Europe. Andrew travels to Cordoba, Seville and Granada, visiting beautiful Moorish palaces and mosques, telling the story of one of the most colourful and sophisticated cultures to ever appear in Europe.

Part 2: Dark Heart
He journeys to the country’s scorched centre to explore Spanish art of the 16th and 17th centuries, a period that became known as the golden age. Tracing the rise and fall of the Spanish Empire, the brutal conquest of the New World, and the religious madness of the Inquisition he discovers how a history so violent produced such beautiful art.

Part 3: Mystical North
He reveals how the north of the country has produced some of the most dazzling and iconic art of the modern age, from Francisco Goya and Pablo Picasso through to Joan Miro and Salvador Dali. Graham-Dixon argues that Spanish architecture is the art form now taking the nation forward in the new millennium.

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