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BBC – Antiques Roadshow: Series 41 (2018) Pioneering Women: Special

BBC Antiques Roadshow Series 41 Pioneering Women Special

Antiques Roadshow Series 41- Pioneering Women: Special
A celebration of the achievements of some of Britain’s most inspirational women, filmed in the Houses of Parliament and marking 100 years since women first won the right to cast their vote in 1918.
Starting with the suffragettes and ending with modern-day heroines and history makers, the programme looks at women who have broken down barriers in every aspect of life. Among those featured is Christina Broom, the first female press photographer, who produced wonderfully intimate portraits of suffragettes, troops in Chelsea Barracks and the royal family. She was one of only two photographers given special access to photograph King George V lying in state in Westminster Hall.
Presenter Fiona Bruce meets Tania, the daughter of Violette Szabo, the British secret agent who was executed for helping the French resistance. Tania was only two when Violette was killed and had the honour of receiving her mother’s George Cross for bravery.

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