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BBC – Antiques Roadshow: Series 39 (2016) Highlights of 2016

Antiques Roadshow Series 39 Highlights of 2016

Antiques Roadshow: Highlights of 2016
Ever wondered what happened after the experts drop the bombshell valuation on stunned owners? In a special edition, Fiona Bruce looks at the most talked about finds of the year and reveals some surprising updates.
Art scholars searched for years for a missing work by eminent Victorian artist Alma-Tadema. Since appearing on the show, the newly restored painting has gone on to be displayed in an international exhibition. The owner of a group of valuable jade figures reveals how he used the proceeds of their sale in tribute to his late wife. There’s a twist in the tale for the man who brought the original script for the classic film The Third Man to the Roadshow when he’s taken on a surprise trip to meet a mysterious man in Vienna.
Plus a look ahead to the locations for 2017 as the show approaches its 40th year on the road.

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