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BBC – Antiques Roadshow: Series 39 (2016) 4of9 Arley Hall 1

BBC Antiques Roadshow Series 39 4of9 Arley Hall 1
Antiques Roadshow: Series 39
Fiona and our experts invite you to bring your treasures and share your story.

BBC - Antiques Roadshow: Series 39 (2016) Part 1: Audley End 1
Fiona Bruce presents the show from Audley End, Essex, where experts value a sword that played an important role in the end of the American War of Independence, a collection of toilet chains and a silver container that once contained a goat’s gallstone believed to have magical powers. The biggest shock of the day comes when Eric Knowles reveals the worth of a set of three vases decorated with fairies.

BBC - Antiques Roadshow: Series 39 (2016) Part 2: Audley End 2
Fiona Bruce presents a second visit to Audley End House, Essex, where items up for valuation include a large bronze cockerel that was buried during both world wars to escape being melted down for ammunition and a table that Napoleon may have signed his abdication on. One visitor to the show has a fascination with design diagrams inspired by an earlier episode – and brings in a collection of 650.

BBC - Antiques Roadshow: Series 39 (2016) Part 3: Hanbury Hall 2
Fiona presents the show from Hanbury Hall, Droitwich, where unusual objects brought in to be valued include a 10 foot-long narwhal tusk and an unusually large fishing rod that was used during the First World War. Plus, Hilary Kay discovers what smell can reveal about an object’s past, and John Benjamin values four buttons that were bought for 2 – but may be worth considerably more.

BBC - Antiques Roadshow: Series 39 (2016) Part 4: Arley Hall 1
Fiona Bruce presents the show from Arley Hall and Gardens in Cheshire, where a time capsule that has been buried for 130 years is opened for the first time on camera. Other finds brought in include a gold bracelet with a tragic past that was found bricked up behind a wall, and a lost work by 19th-century artist Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

BBC - Antiques Roadshow: Series 39 (2016) Part 5: Arley Hall 2
Fiona Bruce returns to the gardens of the Arley Hall, Cheshire, where a selection of family treasures come under scrutiny. Among the items brought in to be valued are a portrait painted in India in the 1950s, which expert Amin Jaffer identifies as the work of an acclaimed artist whose paintings have become much sought after in recent years, while other finds include a PoW’s diary written while building the bridge over the River Kwai and a collection of gems once worn by a duchess.

BBC - Antiques Roadshow: Series 39 (2016) Part 6: Broughton Castle 2
Fiona Bruce presents the show from Broughton Castle in Oxfordshire, where items brought in for valuation include two 18th-century paintings depicting the house’s servants and a Chinese-made silver mug. Plus, the story of a pilot who is believed to have flown Britain’s first scheduled air service before becoming one of the first recruits to the Royal Flying Corps.

BBC - Antiques Roadshow: Series 39 (2016) Part 7: Baddesley Clinton 1
Fiona Bruce presents the show from Baddesley Clinton, a moated manor house near Birmingham. Items brought in to be valued include a diamond bracelet once worn by Rita Hayworth, a wooden peg that was removed from a child’s eye in the 1870s, a painting by Lord Mountbatten of his family home and a controversial carving of St George that offended a church’s parishioners. One visitor brings in a rare wooden pedestal, and is chastised by one of the Roadshow experts for stripping it of the original paintwork.

BBC - Antiques Roadshow: Series 39 (2016) Part 8: Baddesley Clinton 2
Fiona Bruce and the team value more rarities at Baddesley Clinton, near Solihull, including a painting entitled The Nudist Colony’s Annual Dinner Dance and a silver box which is exceptionally rare but which had a lucky escape from being seriously damaged. Two gold boxes used by 19th-century surgeons to apply snuff provoke a surprised reaction from the crowd.

BBC - Antiques Roadshow: Series 39 (2016) Part 9: Golden Age of Travel Special
Fiona Bruce presents a special episode from on board the Flying Scotsman during its journey across Cumbria and Yorkshire, with passengers sharing family stories from the early history of long-distance travel. Artefacts brought on board to be valued include a porthole from the wreck of ocean liner RMS Lusitania, designer cutlery from Concorde, and an iron bar that was once part of the famous train.

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