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BBC – Antique Roadshow: Series 40 (2017) Nymans 1

Antiques Roadshow Series 40 1of2 Nymans 1
Antique Roadshow Series 40: Nymans
Fiona Bruce and the experts visit the National Trust’s beautiful Nymans garden near Crawley, where they are kept busy as they comb through over 4,000 visitors’ family heirlooms in search of treasure.

BBC - Antique Roadshow Series 40: Nymans (2017) Part 1: Nymans: 1
Objects exciting the experts include an axe which was reputedly used by Mallory for his 1922 Everest expedition, a sofa that starred in a classic movie and a diver’s watch. Closing honours go to a ‘bag of trinkets’ found on top of a wardrobe which leaves the owner open-mouthed at her unexpected discovery.

BBC - Antique Roadshow Series 40: Nymans (2017) Part 2: Nymans: 2
Pieces brought to the cameras include a fine Picasso-designed ceramic once used as an ash tray and a jewelled locket given as a gift by Queen Victoria, and an addicted collector brings almost 1,000 keys for appraisal. But one of the best reactions to a recent valuation is given when a man with a box of silver gambling tokens given in lieu of debt demands a bodyguard at hearing his surprise news.

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