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BBC – Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire Season 1 (2006) 5of6 Constantine

Ancient Rome The Rise And Fall Of An Empire Series 1 5of6 Constantine
Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire Series 1
This dramatized documentary series tells the story of the rise and fall of Ancient Rome concentrating on six key turning points.

Part 1: Nero
Part love story, part cautionary tale, this episode shows how the ruler of a quarter of the people in the known world went insane and took Rome to the edge of ruin.

Part 2: Caesar
Julius Caesar is probably the most famous Roman of them all – a maverick, a soldier of genius, charming, power-crazed, opportunistic and brilliant. What Caesar achieved, overthrowing a 500-year-old Republic and seizing power, is perhaps the single greatest turning point in the history of Rome.

Part 3: Revolution
This episode in the series takes a step back from previous episodes and explores the politics and personalities behind the demise of the Roman Republic.

Part 4: Rebellion
The Jewish Revolt, which swept through Judea in AD 66, was the biggest rebellion by a province in Roman history. For a while it threatened to destabilize the whole empire. Who was behind this rebellion and what happened?

Part 5: Constantine
The story of how Emperor Constantine brought Christianity to the western world is a dramatic tale of war, love, treachery and murder.

Part 6: The Fall of Rome
This is the story of how a weak emperor turned on his allies and brought about the final collapse of the once powerful Roman Empire.

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