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BBC – Absolute Genius: Monster Builds (2017) 7of8 Epic Bridges

CBBC Absolute Genius Monster Builds 7of8 Epic Bridges
Absolute Genius: Monster Builds
Genius-hunters Dick and Dom are back on the road with a new quest to go head to head with the world’s most fantastical feats of engineering. From sky-scraping buildings and mammoth tunnels, to hair-raising roller coasters, they’ve all got one thing in common: they’re works of Absolute Genius!

CBBC - Absolute Genius: Monster Builds (2017) Part 1: Deep Underground
Dick and Dom don their hard hats and head underground to reveal the three tunnelling geniuses whose ideas revolutionised the way we dig deep below the earth. Needing no excuse to blow things up, they put the genius of dynamite to the test, visit the world’s largest boring drill burrowing its way through the Alps, before building their own epic tunnelling robot!

CBBC - Absolute Genius: Monster Builds (2017) Part 2: Mile High City
Dick and Dom head to the home of the skyscraper, New York City, to piece together the genius ideas that have seen buildings soar to incredible heights. Braving the scary heights of some mammoth structures, the boys become human guinea pigs at a lift-testing facility, get right up close to the blistering heat of a steelworks and attempt to build their own skyscraper from a very unexpected material.

CBBC - Absolute Genius: Monster Builds (2017) Part 3: Battling Nature
Dick and Dom go head to head with the fiercest forces in nature as they enter the genius world of engineering against floods, wind and earthquakes. They head to the Netherlands to see how one of the world’s great coastal defences keeps the sea at bay, find a suitably hair-raising method to put earthquake proofing to the test and tackle gale-force winds in their bid to storm-proof their most precious possessions.

CBBC - Absolute Genius: Monster Builds (2017) Part 4: Massive Movers
Dick and Dom go supersized in this massive movers spectacular in which they trace the origins of the genius ideas that have made shifting heavy weights a whole lot easier. In their element, the boys head to a scrapyard to find out how hydraulic grabbers work, get up close to one of the weirdest-looking aircraft ever built and get to grips, literally, with the world’s largest hydraulic hand.

CBBC - Absolute Genius: Monster Builds (2017) Part 5: Everlasting Energy
Dick and Dom’s quest takes them into the frazzling, windy and fast-flowing world of renewable energy. Heading deep into the searing Nevada desert, the pair discover how the sun’s energy could keep the world powered forever, at the iconic Hoover Dam, they uncover the genius behind how a vast lake can generate epic amounts of power, before they put all they’ve learnt to the test with their own suitably wacky take on a power station.

CBBC - Absolute Genius: Monster Builds (2017) Part 6: Under Attack
Dick and Dom are under attack in this high-octane tour through defensive engineering. The boys delve into the work of three geniuses whose ideas have given us impregnable castles, reinforced concrete bunkers and may one day protect planet Earth from asteroid attack! To top things off, they head to the seaside for a mega-sized game of smash the sandcastle.

CBBC - Absolute Genius: Monster Builds (2017) Part 7: Epic Bridges
Dick and Dom turn their attention to the incredible world of monster bridges, tracing the genius ideas that have taken us from ancient Roman arches to elegant cable-stayed suspension spans, to a future where we may see bridges 3D printed by robots. In their challenge, the boys join the Royal Engineers for an army bridge-build race… complete with a severe dressing-down for the loser.

CBBC - Absolute Genius: Monster Builds (2017) Part 8: Ultimate Playground
Absolute Genius presenters Dick and Dom sample all the fun of the fair in this thrill-ride through the engineering genius of roller coasters and water slides. As well as learning how coasters somehow stay on the track when upside down, the boys don their swim shorts and bravely research the science behind the world’s fastest water slides. Then they put their theories to the test with an epic slide challenge which attempts to topple a record owned by a certain Usain Bolt.

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