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BBC – A Dangerous Dynasty: House of Assad (2018) Episode 3

BBC A Dangerous Dynasty House of Assad 3of3

Three-part series delving into the story of the Assad dynasty.

Part 1.
Right at the centre of it are President Bashar and his wife Asma, who met and fell in love in London. Over a decade ago, they were being welcomed with open arms in Britain. Today, they are entrenched in a brutal war that has led to some of the most horrifying crimes of modern times. Episode one follows Bashar and Asma’s journey to become president and first lady of Syria against the backdrop of a troubled and suspicious family.

Part 2.
The former eye doctor is now president and his British-born wife is first lady, but they face problems on all sides and their regime is accused of killing a political enemy.

Part 3.
While his wife appears in Vogue magazine, the Syrian president must decide how to act as Arab Spring protests reach Syria’s streets. The brutality this unleashes shocks the world.

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