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BBC – A Black and White Killing: The Case That Shook America (2019)

BBC A Black and White Killing The Case That Shook America

Mobeen Azhar investigates the murder of Larnell Bruce by a member of a white supremacist gang in Portland and assesses the degree to which race played a role in the choice of victim.

Chapter 1:
The investigation delves into the history of the seemingly liberal city, and uncovers a dark underbelly of racial tensions in the state of Oregon. The programme also examines the events of the trial, which were marked by clashes between anti-fascist groups and white supremacists on the streets. Featuring interviews with members of the militant groups and expert witnesses called on to testify.

Chapter 2:
Mobeen Azhar seeks to understand the complications surrounding the lives and behaviour of both perpetrator Russell Courtier and victim Larnell Bruce, looking more closely into the nature and extent of European Kindred’s influence on the wider community. He investigates the brainwashing effect that membership of Oregon’s racist prison gangs can have on young men, before hearing the jury deliver its verdict on whether Courtier is a racist murderer.

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