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BBC – 100 Days to Victory: Season 1 (2018) Episode 2 The Fightback

BBC 100 Days to Victory 2of2 The Fightback

Charts how the Allies turned the tide in the final months of conflict to win WWI.

Part 1: The Spring Offensive
Examines how the ‘shock and awe’ onslaught of the Germans in 1918 forced Field Marshal Haig and Marshal Foch to ask Australia’s General Monash and Canada’s General Currie to perfect a new way of waging war. Monash and Currie concluded that the only way to victory was to effectively achieve the ‘combined arms’ coordination of artillery, tanks, aircraft and infantry on a massive scale, in readiness for what became a major turning point in the war: the Battle of Amiens.

Part 2: The Fightback
After defeating the Germans at Amiens, the Allies need to find a way to smash through the Hindenburg Line, the last line of defence of the German Army.

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