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Arte – Naturopolis: Series 1 (2013) 4of4 Tokyo

Naturopolis Series 1 4of4 Tokyo
Naturopolis: Series 1
Since 2009, the majority of humanity lives in cities. This fundamental change has an impact not only on the way of life, but also on the place of nature in urban areas. Through exploration of four key cities – New York, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Paris – Naturopolis tries to understand how the mega-cities of today are striving to integrate nature and wildlife in the urban contemporary life and what are the transformations of cities for sustainable and green future.

Arte - Naturopolis: Series 1 (2013) Part 1: New York
The natural heart of New York has never stopped beating. The naturalists of the city take us to feel its pulse. We will discover how nature finds her way NYC. It’s incredible: birds continue to migrate, coyotes are moving in to each of the city’s five boroughs. Fish are returning to the Hudson!

Arte - Naturopolis: Series 1 (2013) Part 2: Paris
Paris delights visitors, but It is one of the world’s most densely populated cities and one of its least green. The centre of Paris is imploding with only 5% of greenspace per inhabitant. The scientific community would like to get Paris to go green. Can Nature still find a place in Paris?

Arte - Naturopolis: Series 1 (2013) Part 3: Rio
At first glance, it’s the most beautiful city in the world: the perfect encounter between the hand of Man and the work of Nature, Rio. Behind the postcard views, though, it’s no paradise, Nature is suffering. Rio has an ecological crisis. What will transform this city? Can Rio get back to Nature?

Arte - Naturopolis: Series 1 (2013) Part 4: Tokyo
Tokyo: it’s a giant city which never stops growing. It has destroyed its natural spaces and has created its own weather. With 13 million inhabitants, Tokyo is an amalgam of condensed urban worlds. And yet, Tokyo retains deep spiritual bonds that lead it back to Nature and green spaces…

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