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Arte – Life on Fire: Series 1 (2013) 1of6 Icelandic Volcanoes Who Is Next

Life On Fire Series 1 1of6 Icelandic Volcanoes Who Is Next
Life On Fire: Series 1
Volcanoes are among the most spectacular and powerful forces on our planet. They create new land, change landscapes and destroy civilizations, but more than two billion years ago, they also breathed life into our world. From the ocean abyss to snow-covered summits, this ambitious series paints a detailed picture of the struggles and amazing intimacy required to survive around volcanoes.

Arte - Life on Fire: Series 1 (2013) Part 1: Icelandic Volcanoes Who Is Next
Through spectacular aerial footage of Iceland, a country formed by an accumulation of lava and ash into a maze of craters and faults, we work to understand which volcano could wake up next. What would the consequences of a major eruption be for Iceland – and for the rest of the globe?

Arte - Life on Fire: Series 1 (2013) Part 2: Phoenix Temple
Around the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua, life has struggled for thousands of years to re-emerge from the ashes after each eruption. Captured by filmmakers risking their lives underground in caves, we see vampire and other bat species that colonize miles of tunnels created by hot flowing magma.

Arte - Life on Fire: Series 1 (2013) Part 3: Pioneers of the Deep
Tectonic movements construct or swallow islands in the Pacific. In the Tonga archipelago, two little-known animals have to cope with these ephemeral lands raised from the ocean depths: the sooty tern, a seabird that never dares wet its wings, and the Alvin crustacean, a blind shellfish.

Arte - Life on Fire: Series 1 (2013) Part 4: The Surprise Salmon
This incredible story illustrates a rare case where scientists have been able to show fish adapting to a natural change in their environment. Alaskas Sockeye salmon have had an epic adventure from lake to ocean adapting to a new environment created 2000 years ago by volcanic activity in Alaska.

Arte - Life on Fire: Series 1 (2013) Part 5: Ash Runners
On the volcanic island of New-Britain off the coast of Papua New Guinea, a handful of animals have to live with the Earths moods. When ash from a volcanic eruption invades their habitat, the choice is simple: leave… or stay and adapt! Watch how animals and insects cope in the midst of an eruption.

Arte - Life on Fire: Series 1 (2013) Part 6: Volcano Doctors
To avoid disasters, volcanologists are asked to anticipate and warn, they are asked to be prophets and to know how to analyze the volcanoes slightest tremors. Around the world, these “volcano doctors” use their tools and knowledge to try and protect those who live beneath the Earths fire.

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