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Arte – Jack London: An American Adventure Season 1 (2017) Part 1: First Period 1876-1905

Jack London American Adventure Series 1 Part 1 First Period 1876 1905
Jack London: An American Adventure Series 1
An in-depth biography of the famous American writer, Jack London, who came of age at the time of America’s emergence onto the world stage.

Part 1: :First Period 1876-1905
Jack London, the world-famous author of The Call of the Wild, is one of the great American literary figures. As the USA was ending the Conquest of the West to enter modern times, he was a link between those two different worlds. His early life was one of hardship and adventure in the late 1800’s.

Part 2: :Second Period 1905-1916
The years of Jack London’s success as a writer are no less full of travel and adventure than his early years. He remarries, travels the world in a yacht and spends a year in the South Pacific, all the while writing in his inimitable style.

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