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Arte – Food Markets: In the Belly of the City (2015) Riga

Food Market In the Belly of the City Collection 1 08of10 Riga
Food Markets In the Belly of the City: Collection 1
10 markets, 10 complex systems that play a crucial role in their respective cities.
Season 1: 1 to 5
Season 2: 6 to 10

Part 1: Barcelona
An enchanting city, Barcelona is brimming with inspirations left by the greatest of artists. But this charming city has another jewel in its crown – La Boqueria food market. Take a journey through the senses with our lively characters and uncover their gastronomic secrets.

Part 2: Budapest
The largest indoor market in Budapest is also the most elegant in Europe! Spanning over three levels, the impressive central food market is long recognized as a marvel. Whether it be the freshest fish, the richest goose liver or sweetest paprika that you’re looking for, you’ll find it.

Part 3: Lyon
A natural haven of tasty delights and local delicacies, the Croix Rousse is Lyon’s market gem. From goat farms where the region’s most delicious cheeses are contrived to bakeries that produce only organic bread. This episode comes with a warning, be prepared to get very hungry indeed!

Part 4: Turin
At Europe’s biggest open-air market there is a world to discover! Torino’s Porta Palazzo is a reverberating hub full of colours and people. Our journey takes us from the region’s finest cherry trees that become the city’s tastiest gelato to the unearthing the region’s finest cheeses and meat recipes.

Part 5: Vienna
Lying in the culinary heart of Vienna, a little world of treats rises in the midst: the Naschmarkt food market. A throng of buyers and curious onlookers meander through the stalls all consumed by the scent of spices, distracted by the smell of sausage and stunned by the diversity on display.

Part 6: Firenze
At the Mercato Centrale in San Lorenzo one can taste the best food treasures Tuscany has on offer. From the olive oil of the hills of Fiesole to the onions of the medieval village of Certaldo, here, the motto is the taste, in all its simplicity and its authenticity.

Part 7: Freiburg
The ‘green city of Germany has an incredible gothic cathedral with a food market at its feet. Every morning, 6 days a week, farmers from the Black Forest bring their trout and herb pestos, wild berries and smoked ham to the city. Be it vegan wurst or a tasty cheesecake here the surprises never end.

Part 8: Riga
The CentralTirgus is the biggest covered city food market in Europe. Just aside the Art Nouveau Old Town we find century-old rye-bread making, grilled lampreys, soviet milk sausages, and hemp butter. Here the best of Latvian traditions are pushed fast-forward into the digital era.

Part 9: Toulouse
The Victor Hugo Market has black truffles of Quercy, the Rocamadour cheese, the foie gras and the white beans of the most traditional Cassoulet on sale. And Michelin-starred chef Michel Sarrn gives us his tips on what the belly of Toulouse really is.

Part 10: Zagreb
The old ladies selling their baskets full of vegetables and cheese on the Dolac market in Zagreb bring us back in time. At the market, we go from the breathtaking Mediterranean islands to the Austrian Alps, from freshly caught hake and simple Baltic snacks to internationally awarded cheese.

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