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Art of the Heist: Series 1 (2007) 6of6 Den of Antiquities

Art of the Heist Series 1 6of6 Den of Antiquities
Art of the Heist: Series 1
Art Of The Heist investigates the most high profile art thefts of the 20th and 21st centuries fitting together the pieces of the crimes.

Part 1: The Big Sting
On December 22nd, 2000 three of the world’s greatest art treasures were stolen from the National Museum in Stockholm. Together the Rembrandt and two Renoir paintings were valued at 50 million dollars. The Stockholm heist was dramatic enough. But so too was the police sting to get them back.

Part 2: The Worlds Biggest Heist
It was the biggest art heist in American history – half a billion dollars’ worth of paintings snatched from the walls of a Boston gallery. The haul included a rare Vermeer and paintings by Rembrandt and Degas. Since then teams of FBI agents have worked on the case.

Part 3: The Forger and the Con Man
It’s the most important question in the worldwide art market is it genuine? Or is it fake? When a forgery is passed off as the real thing, there are fortunes to be made and lost. For nearly a decade two Englishmen did just that.

Part 4: The Search for the Scream
The Scream by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch is one of the most famous and powerful images in art history. In the past 12 years, it has been the target of thieves not once but twice. Munch painted the image many times. One version, stolen in 1994, was recovered.

Part 5: Chasing Cezanne
Nearly thirty years ago seven paintings, including a priceless Cezanne, were stolen from a private collection in America. As the years passed, Michael Bakwin, who owned the paintings, thought he would never get to see his precious Cezanne again. The police couldn’t find it.

Part 6: Den of Antiquities
In the 1970s, the black market in religious artifacts had exploded into a multi-million dollar industry. The war-torn island of Cyprus was being picked clean. This is the story of how a sophisticated ring of smugglers ripped a sacred mosaic from the walls of a church.

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