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Animal Planet – Wildest Europe: Series 1 (2016) 3of5 The Alps

Wildest Europe Series 1 3of5 The Alps
Wildest Europe: Series 1
Wildest Europe reveals the incredible beauty and diversity of wildlife in Europe’s major natural habitats. The result is a surprising and wonderful journey of life in many a dramatic and varied landscape. No other continent has such a variety of landscapes and wildlife crammed into so little space. The continent of Europe has been sculpted by millions of years of rainfall carving out caves, rivers, islands and coastline of this diverse and epic landmass. In this series we explore the major waterways that provide home to a myriad of life forms, as well as the forests and woodlands and the grasslands, marshlands and plains. Two of the world’s 3 major tundra habitats are also found in Europe. These are: Alpine and Arctic tundra. The vegetation is composed of dwarf shrubs, sedges and grasses, mosses, and lichens and scattered trees. And the life that the tundra supports is characterized by their hardiness and amazing ability to survive at the very edge of the world. Europe’s habitats also span from sea level to mountain top, and once again wildlife has adapted to thrive in both places. Wildest Europe is a landmark series that explores this great continent of extremes…

Animal Planet - Wildest Europe: Series 1 (2016) Part 1: Land of Ice and Snow
Explore the living nature of the icy landscape of northern Europe, including the golden eagle in the Scottish Cairngorms and the polar bears of Svalbard archipelago in Norway.

Animal Planet - Wildest Europe: Series 1 (2016) Part 2: Rivers Lakes and Oceans
Meet the fauna of the rivers of Europe, including the world’s only underwater spider, European river otter and the golden jackal of the Danube Delta.

Animal Planet - Wildest Europe: Series 1 (2016) Part 3: The Alps
From the mountains to the sea, from the scorching desert to the arctic tundra, explore Europe’s last great wilderness – full of a delicious and surprising burst of life.

Animal Planet - Wildest Europe: Series 1 (2016) Part 4: Forest and Woodlands
The program introduces the European wilderness and its rich life.

Animal Planet - Wildest Europe: Series 1 (2016) Part 5: Arid Lands
Explore Europe’s last great wildernesses – full of a stunning and surprising explosion of life.

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