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Animal Planet – Nature’s Strangest Mysteries: Solved (2019) Season 1 Episode 1 Sparkly Spider

Natures Strangest Mysteries Solved Series 1 01of10 Sparkly Spider
Natures Strangest Mysteries Solved: Series 1
Nature is awe inspiring, but sometimes it’s downright weird — strange animal behavior, unexpected events, stuff that just doesn’t make sense. A team of experts are on hand to work on solving nature’s strangest mysteries.

Part 1: Sparkly Spider
A look at what would dare take on the ocean’s deadliest predator, why a spider lights up like a Christmas tree, and why a wild animal begins to deliver unwanted newspapers like a paperboy.

Part 2: Skyscraper Raccoon
A look at why a raccoon would scale a 25-story skyscraper, why one mother duck would have a super-sized flock of 76 ducklings, and what would motivate a bird to feed a school of fish.

Part 3: Held Hostage by a Humpback
A look at why a humpback whale would hold a diver hostage, how a colony of 1.5 million animals hide from the world in plain sight, and how a surprising stash of acorns could disrupt a whole town.

Part 4: Aflocalypse Now
A look at why a skunk would do a handstand, why 5,000 birds fell from the sky in Arkansas, and what would make a frog flash like a lighthouse.

Part 5: Unscrambling Eggs
A look at if fish really can predict earthquakes and why eggs are egg shaped.

Part 6: Zombie Spider
A look at the possibility that zombie spiders are real and why would a pod of beluga whales adopt a unicorn of the sea.

Part 7: Octopus Houdini
A look at how a bird could sing without using its voice and how an octopus could simply disappear from his aquarium tank.

Part 8: Critter Culprit
A look at what could make an animal vanish into thin air, what could cause the sea to take on an eerie glow, and what event would bring killer whales together in huge numbers.

Part 9: Animal Vandals
A look at what animals are breaking into thousands of cars every year, how ants form a ten-foot bridge using only their bodies, and why did the fish cross the road.

Part 10: Crow Crime Scene
A look at how spiders covered a town in webs overnight and why a lake in South America is the lightning capital of the world.

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