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Ancient Oceans: Season 1 (2019) 2of2 The Devonian

Ancient Oceans 2of2 The Devonian
Ancient Oceans: Series 1
During the Ordovician life expanded in diversity tremendously. After a mass extinction event, the Devonian period began and fish flourished.

Part 1: The Ordovician
For nearly 4 billion years, the continents of Earth were a lifeless wasteland. But beneath the sea, our planet was teeming with life. Many strange creatures evolved, from eel-like conodonts to voracious cephalopods, until nearly all life was wiped out in our planets first mass extinction.

Part 2: The Devonian
Life in the sea rebounded with a vengeance in the Devonian. Dozens of monstrous predators emerged, like the 40-foot long Dunkleosteus. Nearly everything was wiped out in Earths second mass extinction. But the stage was set for an explosion of life on land.

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