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Ancient Civilizations: Season 1 (2018) 01of10 Searching for the Garden of Eden

Ancient Civilizations Series 1 01of10 Searching for the Garden of Eden
Ancient Civilizations: Series 1
What hidden knowledge lies in our ancient past? A team of renowned scholars has come together to go beyond the surface-level myths, artifacts, and mysteries found in ancient texts and lost cities from around the world. Journey through Eden and the Gnostic Garden to the Pyramids and the Tower of Babel to decipher the code scattered throughout ancient civilizations. Since times immemorial, humankind has searched for the answers to whom we are where we came from and why are we here.

Featuring: David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Graham Hancock, Linda Moulton Howe, Andrew Collins, Graham Cere, Freddy Silva, Sean Stone, Gregg Braden, Michael Cremo, Anton Parks, Sonja Grace, Maria Wheatley, Jack Cary, Michael Mott, Robert Bauval, Robert Schoch, Fred Burks, Billy Carson

Ancient Civilizations: Series 1 (2018) Part 1: Searching for the Garden of Eden
In this inaugural episode of Ancient Civilizations, we explore the Garden of Eden with several scholars who have peered past the accepted tales to reveal a forgotten history of the birth of humanity.

Ancient Civilizations: Series 1 (2018) Part 2: Gnostic Origins
Our exploration of ancient civilizations continues as we to illuminate the Gnostic worldview.

Ancient Civilizations: Series 1 (2018) Part 3: Tree of Life
We explore the tree of life, as it is conceptualized in many ancient civilizations to discover that it is much more than a pervasive myth

Ancient Civilizations: Series 1 (2018) Part 4: Tower of Babel
Legends tell us that language once unified ancient civilizations, but a detrimental blunder led to this once-unifying force becoming a means of mass confusion.

Ancient Civilizations: Series 1 (2018) Part 5: Lost Cities Beneath the Ocean
Arcane accounts from Egypt, Greece, Rome and Sumeria tell startling similar stories of the oceanic destruction of advanced ancient civilizations which are being rediscovered.

Ancient Civilizations: Series 1 (2018) Part 6: New Understandings of the Great Pyramid
Our scholars of ancient civilizations present a new theory concerning the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Ancient Civilizations: Series 1 (2018) Part 7: Decoding the Great Sphinx
The great sphinx of Giza, the oldest known monument from the ancient civilizations, stands as a symbol of the arcane mysteries still waiting to be unearthed.

Ancient Civilizations: Series 1 (2018) Part 8: Portals to the Universe
Massive stone monuments, intricately placed by ancient civilizations in astronomical alignment, may have once opened portals to the universe.

Ancient Civilizations: Series 1 (2018) Part 9: Entrances to Inner Earth
Is there an ancient code which points the way to inner earth civilizations like Agharta and Patala? Oral traditions from indigenous cultures, throughout the world, all point to ancient advanced civilizations thriving deep under the earth. With advances in technology and spelunking, scientific communities are confirming that the Earths crust is filled with immense caverns which form vast subterranean networks

Ancient Civilizations: Series 1 (2018) Part 10: Interstellar Links to Gobekli Tepe
Was Gobekli Tepe built as a sacred interstellar portal connecting the people of Earth with extraterrestrial civilizations?

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