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Al-Jazeera World – Exile in New Caledonia (2017)

Al-Jazeera World 2017 Exile in New Caledonia

The untold story of Algerians deported by France to the Pacific island of New Caledonia in the 1870s, some of whose descendants still deeply resent their exile.

Almost 150 years ago, after troops led by Sheikhs Al Mokrani and Al Haddad failed in their year-long resistence to French colonial rule in Algeria, France sent hundreds of Algerians to what was then a penal colony – the island of New Caledonia.

More than an estimated 2,000 Algerians who were considered “rebels” by the French were deported to the Pacific island in the last quarter of the 19thcentury. Journeying by sea – some dying after refusing to eat pork when their dates ran out – they were imprisoned in jails in New Caledonia.

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