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Al-Jazeera Witness – Golden Dawn Girls: What Happened to Greece? (2018)

Al-Jazeera Witness 2018 Golden Dawn Girls

Meet the wives, mothers and daughters behind Greece’s notorious right-wing Golden Dawn party. In recent years, Greece’s image as a country of sunny beaches and friendly people has been overshadowed by political ideologies that are terrifyingly close to Nazism. So what has happened to Greece? How did the country come to vote members of the far-right Golden Dawn party into parliament? Golden Dawn Girls looks at the party’s rise to power, using archive footage of their rallies, clashes with police, and attacks on immigrants. When prominent Golden Dawn members are imprisoned and charged with operating a criminal organisation, their daughters, wives and mothers step up and continue to propagate its message. Filmmaker Havard Bustnes gained exclusive access to the family lives of one of Europe’s most notorious nationalist parties – exposing the mindset, values and personalities of the people on the front lines of modern nationalism.

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