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Al-Jazeera Witness – Days of Hope (2016)

Al-Jazeera Witness 2016 Days of Hope muxed

An intimate look at the shocking struggles of illegal refugees travelling across the Mediterranean, from Africa to Europe. Every year, thousands of Africans leave their families behind and risk everything in the hope of making it to Europe for a better life. In 2014, more than 170,000 migrants made the perilous trip by boat, of which thousands of men, women and children died. Ditte Haarlov Johnsen’s documentary, Days of Hope, moves between Mauritania, the starting point of the often fatal journey to Europe, to Italy’s detention centres where illegal boat refugees seek asylum, to the streets of Copenhagen, where reality hits the migrants. Tells the story of people who have escaped conflict and oppression in their homeland with the aim of providing their loved ones with a better future.

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