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Al-Jazeera Witness – A Goat for a Vote (2016)

Al-Jazeera Witness 2016 A Goat for a Vote

A Goat for a Vote follows three students in Kenya competing to become the next school president.

Winning the election will not only earn them power and respect, but guarantees a role within Kenyan society in the future.

Magdalene has to prove herself in a boy-dominated school which has never been led by a girl. She has the impossible task to unite all girls in her fight for equal rights.

Harry, from the poor side of town, hopes to win so he will be able to take care of his family in the future. He struggles against the popular Said, who is a natural born leader with a disarming smile.

The endless enthusiasm and motivation of these three candidates guarantees that this will be a fierce election battle.

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