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Air Disasters: Season 12 (2019) 7of8 Deadly Go Round

Air Disasters Series 12 7of8 Deadly Go Round
Air Disasters: Series 12Bold text
Harrowing stories of tragedy and triumph in the sky are brought to life through official reports and interviews with flight crews, investigators, and survivors of history’s most terrifying crashes. Widely considered to be the safest form of travel, air transportation is still in its infancy, and when midair calamity strikes, the results are often catastrophic. From the control room to the crash scene, we uncover what went wrong, then reveal what’s been done to ensure these disasters never happen again.

Part 1: Nuts and Bolts
Discover the preventable reason for the crash of Emery Worldwide Flight 17 in 2000.

Part 2: Blown Away
See how two accidents over seven months led investigators to a shocking conclusion about a Taiwanese airline.

Part 3: Deadly Airspace
Revisit the controversial 2014 crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, which broke apart over a war zone.

Part 4: Deadly Display
How could a brand-new jet with a sophisticated navigation system and an expert crew fatally lose its way?

Part 5: Deadly Space
Follow investigators as they explain why a test flight went so wrong so quickly.

Part 6: Deadly Inclination
Discover why a DC-9 flew 1,000 feet too low on its final approach and why its pilot blew his one shot to avert disaster.

Part 7: Deadly Go Round
A high-tech plane and improper training doomed China Airlines Flight 140 in 1994.

Part 8: Dead of Winter
A failed takeoff in 1987 during a Denver snowstorm changed the airline industry forever.

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