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Age of Big Cats: Season 1 (2018) 1of3 Origins

Age Of Big Cats Series 1 1of3 Origins
Age of Big Cats: Series 1
In this unprecedented series, recent scientific discoveries shed new light on the extraordinary prehistory of big cats.

Part 1: Origins
The Pleistocene Era, when packs of saber-tooths ruled. The arrival of the new cats; early snow leopards, cheetahs, and jaguars, marked a turning point in the evolutionary track. Their emergence as their innovative hunting techniques and physical advantages enable them to dominate their habitats.

Part 2: World Domination
The era of the sabretooth and many other Pleistocene creatures comes to an end. The biggest big cats ever, the lion and the tiger, become the kings of their respective habitats – but they had to fight for their place. To survive, these great cats target larger and more challenging prey.

Part 3: Survivors
What changes has the Earth has undergone through the eyes of the puma and leopard? From the almost complete disappearance of American wildlife to the rise of man and the industrialized and urban areas of the modern 21st century. Big cats face numerous threats to their survival.

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