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Africa’s Hunters: Series 3 (2019) 5of6 Deadly Rivals

Africas Hunters Series 3 5of6 Deadly Rivals
Africa’s Hunters: Series 3
Welcome to Zambia’s Luangwa Valley, where Africa’s most iconic predators are in a constant battle for their next meal.

Part 1: Kimbas Rise
The Mwamba pride yearlings need to step up–their hunting training is behind schedule and the rainy season is coming.

Part 2: Prides and Prejudice
Being born to a dominant lion pride is an advantage, but young cubs still need to demonstrate their worth to survive.

Part 3: The Misfit Comes of Age
The Nsefu pride is fragmenting. If they are to survive, its youngest member, the Misfit, will have to grow up fast.

Part 4: The Leopard who Changed her Spots
Chipadzua, a 3-year old leopardess, has never had to hunt for food, indulged by her patient mother. But for how long?

Part 5: Deadly Rivals
A pack of wild dogs in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley have their legendary bonds tested by the threat of a nearby hyena clan

Part 6: Buffalo Showdown
The Mwamba pride are in shock: a herd of 300 buffalo have arrived, ready to take the fight to their would-be predators.

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