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Aerial Cities: Season 1 (2017) 3of6 Seattle 24

Aerial Cities Series 1 3of6  Seattle 24
Aerial Cities: Series 1
They tower over hills and lakes, turn the night into a feast of lights, and lure people in by the millions. These are America’s most prominent cities, all captured from breathtaking heights. From the creators of Aerial America, this adventure takes you on epic, sky-high journeys over Las Vegas, Chicago, Seattle, Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Celebrate the nation’s most treasured and bustling metropolises and the people who keep them running.

Part 1: Las Vegas 24
Soar beyond the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to explore its natural and manmade thrills. From the Strip to the desert, the suburbs to the Hoover Dam, and from Red Rock to the Nellis Dunes, take a trip over the nation’s iconic desert metropolis.

Part 2: Chicago 24
Explore every corner of Chicago from the awe-inspiring heights of its skyscrapers to the parks, harbors, beaches, and marinas that dot its lakeshore. Experience a day in the life of the only major American city to tower over the Great Lakes.

Part 3: Seattle 24
Seattle may be famous for its rainy days, but people here live to get outdoors. Spend a day soaring over the city’s iconic landmarks and best-kept secrets as we salute this shining beacon of America’s Pacific Northwest.

Part 4: Miami 24
From the sky, it’s easy to see why millions of visitors from around the world pack Miami’s sun-drenched beaches by day and enjoy the dazzling spectacle of its nightlife. Spend a day above one of the most colorful and energetic cities in the nation.

Part 5: San Francisco 24
The San Francisco Bay Area, home of heavy fog, dramatic history, and an amazing group of people who keep this metropolis humming. Take flight on an aerial tour above iconic landmarks and the city’s many hidden treasures.

Part 6: Los Angeles 24
There’s nothing like a day in the skies over Los Angeles. Join us as we explore the hills, valleys, beaches, and bustle of the second largest metropolis in America, and celebrate the spectacular daytime and nighttime wonders of the City of Angels.

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