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Abnormal Psychology – Personality Disorders (1991)

Abnormal Psychology Personality Disorders

Personality disorder is a general term for the different types of mental illnesses, that affects a person’s social life, family and work. Many times people suffering from mental illness do not realize that they are suffering from some type of abnormal psychology personality disorder. This article will help you know more about what is abnormal psychology personality disorder and also provide you an insight on, how to control personality disorder? The scientific study of psychological disorders is known as ‘Abnormal Psychology’. When one deviates from a norm, or the accepted behavior in a society or culture, people term it as abnormal behavior. Abnormal psychology is studied, researched and treated by clinical psychologist, psychiatrists and social workers. Personality disorders are similar to physical illness. There are different types of psychology which can affect an individual. The many myths pertain to the term ‘mental’, as one can’t see the chemical imbalance in the brain. The person suffering from such psychological imbalances himself doesn’t realize, what is going wrong with him. History shows how people misunderstood the abnormal personality disorders and imprisoned or banished patients from the main society.

Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder: These patients are preoccupied with keeping order, attaining perfection, cleanliness, mental and interpersonal control. They spend their time following a strict schedule, rule or plans and will not be flexible or open to change. They face problems in their personal and professional lives as they want things to be done their way.

Narcissistic personality disorder: In this disorder patients are craving for admiration, self-importance and show lack of empathy. They cannot stand criticism or losing to someone.

Antisocial personality disorder: Patients with antisocial personality disorder have little or no regards for others and violate the rights of people around them. They are generally referred as psychopaths or sociopaths.

Borderline personality disorder: Patients show instability in interpersonal relationships, self image, moods and controlling of impulses. Borderline personality disorder patients are often confused about their career goals, personal values and even their sexual orientation. These people often threaten to attempt suicide.

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