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ABC – The A to Z of Contemporary Art (2013) 1of2

ABC The A To Z Of Contemporary Art 1of2

Don’t know your biennale from a triennale? Can’t tell your old media from your new? The A-Z of Contemporary Art is a bluffer’s guide to the brilliant and often baffling world of contemporary art, from artists, art works and galleries to new media, history and theory.

Working alphabetically through the complex world of contemporary arts, from Artists, Artspeak and Biennales to Theory, Video Art, Wine and Zietgeist – the program captures and consolidates a love of art with history, theory and a healthy dose of criticism.

More accessible than a textbook, cheaper than a trip to the Guggenheim, quicker than spending three years at university, The A-Z of Contemporary Art is presented in a light-hearted and humorous tone that offers real information on the contemporary art world.

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