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ABC – Running Wild Australia’s Camels (2016)

Running Wild Australia's Camels

Australia has the largest herd of wild camels in the world, estimated at times to be close to one million. Along with their Afghan handlers, the ‘Cameleers’, they were first brought in for the ill fated `Burke and Wills’ expedition in the 1860’s. Together they opened up the Australian outback but the camels left behind are now a feral menace, literally Running Wild. Narrated by Robyn Davidson, famous for her one woman expedition by camel, this documentary tells the story of the camels, the people who brought them here and those who are still trying to work with them. Like Andrew Harper who travels with a camel string in the tradition of those original Afghans. Recent massive culling operations have killed hundreds of thousands of the wild herd. But for many it is a wasted opportunity as camel meat and milk are valuable commodities.

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