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A Very British Road Trip (2012) 5of7 Herefordshire

A Very British Road Trip 5of7 Herefordshire

John Thomson and Simon Day go on a tour of Britain.

Part 1: Cornwall
They join shanty singers, take part in Cornish wrestling, and have plenty of antics at sea. Expect fun, weirdness, laughter and the odd ice cream.

Part 2: Carmarthenshire
John and Simon are off to Carmarthenshire, Wales, where they shear sheep, make Welsh cakes and join a bunch of pagans among other oddities.

Part 3: Sussex
The guys visit Sussex – home of mod and rocker fisticuffs, a ghostly haunted hotel, naughty what-the-butler-saw end-of-the-pier machines, a medieval festival and a chilli-eating challenge.

Part 4: Warwickshire
The land of Shakespeare is no haven from the antics of the unlikely presenting duo. This time they’re foraging for food in the woods, joining a Shamanic ceremony and being recruited to the Royal Warwickshire Regiment circa 1914.

Part 5: Herefordshire
The pair end up searching for poisonous snakes, fighting a vicious battle in the War of the Roses, auctioning carcasses of sheep and meeting a man with the biggest collection of latex dolls in the world.

Part 6: Lancashire
They’re challenged to eat the biggest breakfast in the world, stuff the odd roadkill, join the Hare Krishnas and have a Western-style gun fight with each other.

Part 7: Essex
In Essex they milk goats, perform magic and play darts.

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