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A Prime Minister on Prime Ministers (2007) Episode 10

A Prime Minister on Prime Ministers 10 of 13 DVD org

Veteran television interviewer and presenter Sir David Frost is the only person to have interviewed all six British prime ministers in office between 1964 and 2007, and all US presidents from 1969 to the present. His fearlessly incisive approach is legendary and, just six months after his monumental encounter with former president Richard Nixon on American television, he presented this unique series in which the Rt. Hon. Harold Wilson was invited to discuss British prime ministers of the recent and distant past.

In power for a total of 13 years, from 1964 to 1970 and again from 1974 to 1976, Harold Wilsons government had presided over a country undergoing vast economic and social upheaval, his leadership frequently coming under attack from both right and left; in 1977, he was well placed to reflect on the challenges, triumphs and failings of his predecessors. This series offers not only an insightful overview of key political figures, but also remains a fascinating historical document in its own right.

01 – Rt. Hon. Harold Macmillan O.M.
02 – William Pitt the Younger
03 – Sir Robert Peel
04 – Viscount Palmerston
05 – Benjamin Disraeli
06 – William Ewart Gladstone
07 – David Lloyd George
08 – Stanley Baldwin
09 – Ramsay MacDonald
10 – Neville Chamberlain
11 – Winston Spencer Churchill
12 & 13 – Clement Attlee

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